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Mention A.C. Gilbert trains and most hobbyists, and the population in general, immediately think of Gilbert postwar, 2-rail, S gauge trains. However, the period from 1938 - 1945, when W.O. Coleman and A.C. Gilbert joined forces to continue the "Chicago era" American Flyer trains, was a fascinating time! In 1938, Gilbert was already coming out with his own line of HO trains. Over the next few years, until World War II, the product line progressed from Chicago era O gauge trains to 3/16" O gauge trains paving the way for the eventual change over to S gauge trains.

As with the previous "Chicago Era" American Flyer archive, this archive is much more than just catalogs. Once again, L. Andrew Jugle opened his very extensive collection of A.C. Gilbert and American Flyer paper for this project! Not only are consumer catalogs included but also advance catalogs and price lists, Hall of Science publications, War Books, the Roar of the Rails, advertising, and an abundance of bonus material! This is by far the most extensive collection of American Flyer/A.C. Gilbert paper for this time period ever offered in a single, reasonably priced product!

A.C. Gilbert Digital Archive 1938 - 1945!

A.C. Gilbert produced a sizable amount of catalogs, folders, brochures and other paper documentation from 1938 - 1945. Some of this material is not readily available and rarely seen outside of a small number of collections. In other words ... prior to now, it has not been readily available! This is a Lionel authorized project as are all HSL digital archive projects.

Original A.C. Gilbert paper was used for the A.C. Gilbert Digital Archive 1938 - 1945. All catalogs, folders, brochures, etc. have been meticulously scanned and developed into an easy to use CD-Rom consistent with other HSL digital archive products. The purpose of the archive is to provide a comprehensive collection of catalogs and other paper. However, it will NOT include every catalog variation (even though some may be provided). Previous HSL digital archive products have received high acclaim by customers for their ease of use, clarity, cost, and support.

The A.C. Gilbert Digital Archive 1938 - 1945 contains the following material:

  • 1938 Consumer Catalog
  • 1938 Consumer Toys Catalog
  • 1938 Gilbert Hall of Science Folder
  • 1938 Dealer Catalog (Toys)
  • 1938 Dealer Catalog (TRU-MODEL and American Flyer Trains)
  • 1938 Dealer Price List (American Flyer Division)
  • 1939 Consumer Catalog
  • 1939 Consumer TRU-MODEL Train Catalog
  • 1939 Consumer HO Train Folder
  • 1939 Consumer Toys Catalog
  • 1939 Consumer Toys Catalog World's Fair Edition
  • 1939 Dealer Catalog (Toys)
  • 1939 Dealer Catalog (TRU-MODEL AF Trains)
  • 1939 Dealer Display Sheets
  • 1940 Consumer Catalog
  • 1940 Consumer Toys Catalog
  • 1940 Dealer Catalog (American Flyer Trains)
  • 1940 Dealer Price List (American Flyer Division and Gilbert Electric)
  • 1941 Consumer Catalog
  • 1941 Consumer Toys Catalog
  • 1941 Dealer Catalog (Gilbert American Flyer)
  • 1941 Dealer Flyer (American Flyer Advertising)
  • 1942 Consumer Catalog
  • 1942 Dealer Catalog (Gilbert American Flyer)
The following publications are also included:
  • 1941 Hall of Science Opening Program
  • 1942 "Geared to Go" for Victory book
  • 1943 The A.C. Gilbert War Book
  • 1944 The A.C. Gilbert War Book
  • 1945 Roar of the Rails book
Plus, nearly 50 ads, catalog mailing envelopes, and an extensive bonus section!

All of this in one concise, thorough, easy-to-use product!

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A.C. Gilbert Digital Archive Features:
  • includes every page of every catalog
  • graphical selection of catalogs by cover and year
  • consumer catalogs searchable table of contents:
    • engines by name and number
    • sets by name and number
    • excludes accessories and individual cars
  • navigate easily between catalogs and "regular features" -- very easy to use!
  • print any page
  • HTML-based -- works with your web browser
  • compatible with both Mac OS and MS-Windows
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Dear Fellow Hobbyist,

I am excited to offer you this A.C. Gilbert digital archive product from HSL! If you are a fan of A.C. Gilbert and American Flyer trains, or just interested in toy train history in general, you must strongly consider this new archive! This product was developed because of the generosity of a fellow train-hobby enthusiast, L. Andrew Jugle, who opened his archive of A.C. Gilbert and American Flyer paper. Most of us have never had the opportunity to view such a wide variety of A.C. Gilbert and American Flyer paper. I would like to thank Andy for making this material available to the rest of us.

It has been my pleasure to make these digital archive products available to you. They are a great way to preserve important pieces of toy train history. The portfolio of HSL digital archive products is growing! If you are not familiar with the Toy Trains Digital Archive, the OGR Digital Archive, the Lionel Magazine Digital Archive, the Lionel Catalog Archive, or the Lionel Postwar Service Manual Digital Archive please check the HSL web-site home page (www.hslinc.com).

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support.

John H. Holtmann, Jr.
TCA 06-59745, LCCA 27042
Train Hobby Digital Archive Product Author

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