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Over the last several years, I have tried with the help of several enthusiastic and generous paper collectors to provide a series of digital archive products highlighting some of the most fascinating and interesting, as well as most beloved, train hobby paper. Without a doubt, Lionel catalogs stretching from 1900 through the end of the last century contain some of the most lasting images many of us possess having grown up with, or in the shadow of, Lionel trains. I have received many e-mails from grateful clients who have relived their youth by perusing the great artwork and narrative contained in the Lionel consumer catalogs. Similarly, as I have digitized other historical publications like The Lionel Magazine, Model Builder, and Toy Trains magazine, fellow train hobby enthusiasts have expressed appreciation for breathing a second life into these iconic publications.

However, we all know that while Lionel was the leading toy train manufacturer for much of the 20th century, there were many other competitors providing an array of great toy trains filling the various segments within the industry. A.C. Gilbert, American Flyer, Dorfan, Ives, Marx and others provided toy trains that were enjoyed by children of all ages and varying means.

This advertising archive arose out of the good fortune of perusing the fascinating paper collection of Andy Jugle, a well-known American Flyer enthusiast. Andy provided all of the material for the American Flyer Digital Archive 1907 - 1937 a fascinating look at the amazing Chicago-based toy train company. While analyzing the various catalogs, flyers, and other documents, these beautiful, 4-color ads for American Flyer, A.C. Gilbert, Ives, and others kept popping up! Many of these ads were over-sized by today's standards and contained incredible artwork. While all toy train manufacturers were represented, Andy's collection focused primarily on American Flyer and A.C. Gilbert. In my mind, these ads had to be digitized and preserved in a logical fashion!

This Classic Toy Advertising Archive also helps to document the transition of American Flyer from a Chicago-based company owned by W.O. Coleman to a product line folded into the diverse A.C. Gilbert empire. Many folks associate A.C. Gilbert with his postwar S gauge, two-rail trains. Gilbert seemed to be missing from the toy train industry through much of the pre-World War II era. However, in 1938 when he agreed to move production of American Flyer trains from Chicago to his New Haven production facility, he was already introducing a new line of HO toy trains! The period from 1938 - 1945 consisted of HO and O gauge trains under the "Gilbert American Flyer" moniker. The advertising nicely demonstrates the progression of these product lines.

The earlier A.C. Gilbert advertising provided in this archive shows that while A.C. Gilbert was not directly involved with toy trains early in his career he was absolutely involved in the toy industry with his well-known and highly regarded Erector sets and multitude of other products. His business prowess served him well from the 1900s all the way through his retirement in the mid 1950s.

The original objective of this archive was to highlight American Flyer and A.C. Gilbert prewar advertising with a sprinkling of other toy manufacturers thrown in for good measure. We added the Lionel advertising as a bonus, however, it is only the advertising Lionel included in their own in-house publications, The Lionel Magazine and Model Builder. These ads had already been digitized and included in the more comprehensive archives for each of those publications. Obviously, other Lionel magazine advertising, as well as advertising from Ives, Dorfan, and others could command their own product!

Classic Advertising Digital Archive 1907 - 1945!

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