A tool for quickly determining space utilization for CA-IDMS areas.


DBSPACE quickly determines space utilization for CA-IDMS database areas by reviewing space management pages. Since DBSPACE does considerably fewer I/O's than conventional tools, DBSPACE can be executed at any time. Space management will no longer cause DASD and channel contention with critical on-line systems.

DBSPACE creates a Database Space Management Map for each area. This map represents how the information is clustered in the area. This is extremly valuable if an area is segmented. Overall an area may be 50% full, but if one of the segmented areas fills up, the applications abend with an error code "1211".

If an area is not segmented, but the map still looks like the data is clustered, this could be an indication of a design problem. For example, too many VIA records hanging off one CALC would result in page overflow conditions and performance problems. Areas should typically have an even distribution of information across all pages.

DBSPACE provides three reports:

The Space Management Map and Histogram provide a pictorial view of the area. The Recap Report accumlates and summarizes information for all areas in one easy to understand report.

Click here for the DBSPACE Release 2.00 PTF's.

Click here for the DBSPACE Release 3.00 PTF's.

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