"Before HSL I got 4 to 5 phone calls per hour about my data base. Now I get 2 or 3 phone calls a day. At first I was concerned maybe I had put myself out of a job, but it has been just the opposite. I now have the time to design more detailed reports to meet every customer's specific needs. I have been able to offer even more customer support using the bulletin board feature which allows me to communicate every new feature to my customers immediately."

I was Federal Expressing reports all over the country. Now in a month I have loaded over 100 reports on-line and my customers can print at their locations any report or parts of any report they want.

My motto is: My customers are the luckiest customers in the world! Not only do they have me to meet their needs, but they now have Phil, John and HSL."


Diane Baird
Database Administration
DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency

Kay Eaker & Randy Meinke

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