(L - R) Mary Ware, Curt Koch, Lori Torgerson, Noel Handberg, Joan Stevens, and Stephen Earle

We have completed our Year 2000 programming for our manufacturing applications (Purchasing, Production, Inventory, Planning, Accounting) in October 1997. We are extremely satisfied with this product. Without the HSL Date Converter, we were looking at August 1998 for a final Production install date. As the Y2K Project Leader for this area, it is a great relief to be done and in final testing.

We used the Date Converter on 34 database records. We originally planned to add two extra bytes to every date field. Using the Project 2000 Date Converter we estimated a 40% reduction in the hours of programming and testing. We had originally estimated the DBA effort to re-structure the data base at 600 hours. Using the Date Converter the DBA effort was virtually eliminated. We also saved the cost of additional DASD. Unfortunately we had started our programming effort before we discovered the Project 2000 Date Converter. Our savings would have been greater if we would have acquired the Date Converter prior to programming. We have not seen any significant increase in CPU time.

Using the Project 2000 Date Converter we completed the project much earlier than originally planned, for several reasons :

  1. Fewer programs were modified - we only had to touch certain types of code (compares/using/return)
  2. The programs that we did have to modify, the changes were simple. We used HSL supplied code to plug in for consistant code changes.
  3. Testing was simplified partly because data 'stores' and 'modifies' were handled by the Schema rather than through code changes.

In addition the risk to the corporation was reduced because we completed the project early, reduced the number of programs that needed to be changed, and reduced the chance of data corruption.

This Project 2000 Date Converter is a time-saving solution to the Year 2000 problem. The HSL staff has been an exceptional group of people to work with. They delivered solid software that installed easily and worked as advertised. We have always received a friendly, knowledgeable and immediate response to any of our inquiries. Feel free to use me for any future referrals regarding your software and your company.

Mary Ware
St. Paul, Minnesota

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