Project 2000

Century Support Products for CA-IDMS


All HSL products are licensed by site. The prices are fixed and non-negotiable. Everybody pays the same price. There are no discounts. All prices are in US dollars. An annual maintenance/renewal fee is required on all products. This fee is based on 15% of the current license cost. Maintenance/renewal fees are due on the aniversary date of the license. Most products are password protected and new passwords must be re-issued each year.

The prices as of January 1, 2010 are as follows:

Schema/Set Analyzer - $3,000

Date Converter - $7,500
This fee installs the software and converts two record types. Additional records may be converted in groups of 30 for $45,000, or individually for $2,250 each. A record is defined as a record type within a specific area. If a record is in more than one CV (test, QA, production, etc.), it is considered just one record. If a record has multiple date fields and it participates in multiple sets or indexes, it is still considered just one record.

ADSO Source Analyzer - $16,000

Culprit Source Analyzer - $16,000

Date Simulator - $16,000

Y2K BIFs - $4,000

Date Ager - $16,000
Note - This includes the Schema/Set Analyzer!!


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