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Every user may keep a personal calendar within HSL. Optionally, you may allow your secretary or associate to update your calendar. If you desire, you may allow other users to inquire on your calendar. HSL also allows "resources" to be scheduled. "Resources" might be conference rooms, company cars, or temporary employees. Once a resource is defined to HSL, you may schedule events for the resource. Any HSL user may inquire on the resource's calendar to check for availability.

With SCHEDULE A MEETING, you may choose meeting attendees and resources. HSL will automatically check all of their calendars looking for available time slots. When HSL presents you with an acceptable time slot, meeting notices are sent via electronic mail and, optionally, all appropriate calendars are updated. Scheduling a meeting now takes just minutes.


Integrating office automation with report and document viewing and on-line applications improves communication and eliminates users having to sign off and on between sessions. Users are immediately notified of new mail and messages.

HSL electronic mail allows multiple page letters with UPPER and lower case characters, word wrap, and various other editing features. Users may define their own, unique mailing lists or may choose receivers from global mailing lists. You may even allow your secretary or associate to send and receive your mail. Letters are sent "certified" and recipients may be designated as primary, copied, or blind-copied. Letters may be filed for future reference. HSL also allows your batch jobs and on-line systems to send mail.

Electronic mail and calendars are finally where they belong --- integrated with report viewing and other on-line applications.

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