The HSL Information System

....Today's Best Interface between Man and Mainframe

....For IDMS and
ADS/OnLine Users

The HSL Information System is a sophisticated, user-friendly software package that makes your mainframe and CA-IDMS easily available and usable. In less than a half hour, even novice users will be accessing on-line applications, viewing reports, reading and preparing documents, sending electronic mail, scheduling meetings and being more productive. User training is drastically reduced. No longer will users be confronted with hard-to-remember task codes or difficult-to-use PFKeys.

The goal of any business is to make money. The HSL Information System can help you reach this goal by improving user productivity and reducing paper printing, handling, filing and disposal. Ask yourself, "How many reports are printed every day that are never read?" MIS needs to identify which reports users actually need and eliminate the waste!
One HSL client estimated productivity gains exceeding $100,000 per year. If your organization reduces paper printing by only one box per day the HSL Information System can easily be cost justified. HSL automatically calculates paper reduction and provides hard documentation of actual savings.

Check out these features:

The Super Menu

Calenders and Electronic Mail

On-line Report Viewing

On-line Help and Sign-On Screen/Bulletins

On-Line JCL Submissions

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