The HSL Information System

....Today's Best Interface between Man and Mainframe


After logging on, each user is presented with a personalized menu. These dynamic menus contain applications which can be CA-IDMS systems, CICS tasks, reports, documents, or JCL (allows end-users to submit thier own jobs). Only applications approved for a user will appear on his or her menu.

From an HSL menu, users can access a variety of CA-IDMS applications (CA-DC programs, CA-ADS/OnLine dialogs, task, or c-list). HSL will direct control to proper CV, dictionary and database. The applications are started at the first application level. When the application finishes, control returns to the previous HSL menu.

Once defined to HSL, any application ( CA-IDMS, CICS, report, document, etc.) may be enabled or disabled when necessary. Administrators can black-out dates and times when access is not allowed and broadcast messages that are application specific.

With HSL's on-line request and approval process, users may view lists of available reports and on-line systems, read the HELP narrative, and request access to the application. This feature reduces requests for redundant reports and applications. Ownership of applications may be delegated to the end-users. Allow the people that actually own the information (the end-user) to control access.

If you are using CICS as your TP monitor, HSL provides an interface to access CICS applications. Users will no longer have to log off and on between CA-IDMS and CICS.

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