The HSL Information System

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HSL allows batch reports (from CA-IDMS or non-CA-IDMS systems, created on a PC, mini, or mainframe) to be loaded and viewed on-line through HSL. Users may view today's, yesterday's, or last week's report. Keyword searches allow users to search for specific sections of the report. If necessary, a user may print any page of any generation of a report to either a system or remote printer.

A windowing feature allows users to rearrange columns of a report and eliminate irrelevant information. Each authorized user may have a unique window of the same report. Once a report is windowed, the characteristics are retained for future viewing sessions. Users may print the windowed report.

Reports up to 900 bytes wide may be viewed on-line. HSL supports MODEL 5 terminals utilizing the full 27 x 132 screen size. A single report may contain up to 1,000,000 lines.

Many reporting systems produce one large report that actually contains several smaller, logical reports. Often, these smaller reports have separate distribution lists requiring operations to decollate the report and send each logical report to different recipients. If a report is lost or additional copies are required, the job may need to be re-scheduled. HSL eliminates this problem by capturing the report, breaking it into smaller logical reports, and then storing each logical report on the HSL database. With HSL, distribution is controlled by logical report, reports are never lost, and distribution changes do not require JCL modifications.

For HOT reports, users can be notified immediately when the report is available. Reports can be created and loaded to the database without interruption of report viewing. In case of a "rerun", system administrators can "erase" a corrupt report.

A report archival feature compresses reports and retains the information for historical purposes. Archived reports may be retrieved for on-line viewing and printing.

A JES spool interface also allows production JCL to be stored and viewed on the HSL database. Instead of printing boxes of production JCL , load the JCL directly to HSL.

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